About Us

Our Mission

The Verona Community Food Pantry (VCFP) is 150+ volunteers drawn together by their commitment to provide food to those in need in Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro, Virginia. We are an independent all-volunteer, 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

Our mission at Verona Community Food Pantry (VCFP) is to help provide food to people who need it.

Who We Serve

2021 statistics show that we served an average of 885 people per month. 232 were over 60, 229 were under 19, and 425 were 19 to 59. Total individuals served was 10,623. We distributed nearly 700,000 pounds of food.   

A survey of those obtaining food from the Food Pantry indicated that the patrons appreciate the wonderful, friendly volunteers, the ability to select what they want instead of having food selected for them, and the generous allowances. 

The number of people needing food in July of 2022 was about double needing it in January of 2022. The need is real!

Paper Goods

New to 2021 was the addition of paper goods to the distribution to clients, in honor of founder Hunter Fauber. Paper towels, napkins, and other goods were collected either in kind or as monetary donations. Approximately 1,821 pounds of paper products were donated in 2021 as well as $3,305 in financial donations to this effort. Clients were very appreciative, particularly those with small children.


A general donation for purchasing food and general/administrative expenses is always a welcome gift. Please make checks payable to VCFP and send to Verona Community Food Pantry, P. O. Box 187, Verona, VA 24482.